Thursday, May 14, 2009


Oh look! A real post!

So....Ulduar tonight was interesting. Made our first attempt at Freya. Clearing her adds took a little learning on our part. There seemed to be several groups of three different types that each took a slightly separate strategy. I'm bad at describing strats so I'll let other people do that. Mostly it was the "drag this guy over here and that guy over there and kill one of them first" kinda thing. There are 3 Elders you also down (unless you want to do hard mode....which we did not). Then you get to kill Freya which is...more adds! Three types of groups come at you twice, then you focus on her...and kill the green glowy trees...they heal things you want to die.
Then we went to Hodir and learned the trash to get to him....made several attempts at him but never made it.

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