Friday, May 29, 2009

No news?

So we haven't had any luck with downing new bosses recently... but we're getting there. We had some good success with Mimiron last night, despite some lack of strategy. I expect Mimiron will be bested in the next week or two.

We've earned ourselves a fair spate of a few of the more interesting achievements recently, at least, including our first "hard mode" kill of Flame Leviathan (only 1 tower up, but it's a start!).

We also ripped throughThorim's gauntlet last night and got the achievement for activating hard mode.... despite the fact that the arena group had already called for a wipe...

See below for more!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Come meet me at Ulduar...

I absolutely love this song... but anyway.

Specced for Awesome (as well as our similarly awesomely specced group of return "puggers") continues to see great progression in 10 man Ulduar! After being slow to start last night we downed Hodir after a few tries, but we then had some trouble with Thorim (who we've downed before).

Fighting Hodir was a blast, but I'm a sucker for "new content"... Thorim was a struggle despite the seeming ease with which we downed him on our first kill, but we'll get him again next time!

This is the first time I've really been involved in the progression of a guild through new content and I am really loving it.

So let's take a look at what we've downed:

Flame Leviathan ----------- X-------X
Razorscale -------------------X-------X
XT-002 Deconstructor ------X-------X
Ignis the Furnace Master --X-------X
Assembly of Iron ------------X-------X
Kologarn ---------------------X-------X
Auriaya ----------------------X-------X
Hodir ------------------------X-------X
Thorim ----------------------X-------X
Freya ------------------------X
Mimiron -
General Vezax -
Yogg Saron -
Algalon -

(X indicates not present for guild progression kill)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

RL pics

Trinil on a boat
but she always looks like this.
i don't know how her hair is always blowing so perfectly

Sis and Trin


My bank alt has joined Nicias's new guild... The names of which are both references to our place of work. I thought the occasion necessitated a makeover:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My pretty...

Got this tonight in Ulduar 10. I love it. Trinil is such a dagger guy.

Plasma Foil

Here I am wearing it. I feel leet.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Justice comes in small doses.

Naxx 10 last night was a good opportunity to learn the whack-a-mole strategy that is an Arms Warrior... I usually tank, but my offspec has always been Fury. However, with changes in the recent patch cycle I decided to check out the new warrior dps fotm spec and switched from Fury to Arms. Sadly, I felt like a noob-tard, with my Arms dps floating around 2.5k, even on gimmick fights like Loatheb and Thaddius. If this keeps up, I'm switching back to my Fury spec, because I can hold 3.5k without even thinking on the occasions that I'm asked to dps for my Ulduar 10 man...

So with that in mind I've been working on hotbar setup to facilitate a better rotation (I did this with my Fury bars when I first started building a dps suit and the value of clean hotbar real estate with everything in just the right place was made readily apparent, as I saw a significant increase in dps).

I also picked up a "face roll" one button macro, which I appropriately named "lol."

Working with the raid level test dummy in IF, I was able to macro my way to ~2.08k dps (1 20 minute trial with nothing but the single button macro while independently keeping up Rend and Bladestorming as available). I then did the same thing after the afore mentioned hotbar manipulations and was able to maintain only slightly higher dps of ~2.2k while actually being smart about what abilities went off and when. Small justice inded...

The other "small justice" moment is that finally... FINALLY... after weekly Naxx 10 runs spanning several months... I got a Skull of Ruin. I've wanted one since my very first Naxx 10, which I did way way back on the same Saturday I hit 80.

In that run I picked up a Slayer of the Lifeless and shortly realized that there was a shield that actually matched the kicking graphic of my favorite new sword. Not minding the fact that this shield is actually a downgrade from what I'm using now I took it anyway (no one actually wanted, for either a main spec or an off spec tank suit) and it is now sitting companionably in my bank next to my sword (replaced recently with the baby rattle of doom)....

I imagine there will be days in the future in which I haul these two bad boys out of the bank, strap them to my back, and then parade around whilst admiring my own awesomeness.

Alt ding 72!

Trinol, my Death Knight, hit 72 this morning. Woohoo!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Oh look! A real post!

So....Ulduar tonight was interesting. Made our first attempt at Freya. Clearing her adds took a little learning on our part. There seemed to be several groups of three different types that each took a slightly separate strategy. I'm bad at describing strats so I'll let other people do that. Mostly it was the "drag this guy over here and that guy over there and kill one of them first" kinda thing. There are 3 Elders you also down (unless you want to do hard mode....which we did not). Then you get to kill Freya which is...more adds! Three types of groups come at you twice, then you focus on her...and kill the green glowy trees...they heal things you want to die.
Then we went to Hodir and learned the trash to get to him....made several attempts at him but never made it.

bokudo, swinger of the light

oh yeah....i swing the light, baby
i swing it hard


Och... Ye know Ah cannae bare tae take off me plate gloves for aught longer than to have a wee pint...or 5...

How can ye expect a dwarf like mahself to shed me armor long enough tae bash me stubbeh wee fingers intae this ickle piece of plastic to put down me 'thoughts and feelings?'

Where's mah axe?! Oy! Human! Put that down a'fore ye hurt yesself...

Friends in Azeroth

Greetings fellow players of World of Warcraft. This is, or will be a place where five RL friends post their thoughts on the game ....assuming I can talk them into it...