Saturday, May 16, 2009

Justice comes in small doses.

Naxx 10 last night was a good opportunity to learn the whack-a-mole strategy that is an Arms Warrior... I usually tank, but my offspec has always been Fury. However, with changes in the recent patch cycle I decided to check out the new warrior dps fotm spec and switched from Fury to Arms. Sadly, I felt like a noob-tard, with my Arms dps floating around 2.5k, even on gimmick fights like Loatheb and Thaddius. If this keeps up, I'm switching back to my Fury spec, because I can hold 3.5k without even thinking on the occasions that I'm asked to dps for my Ulduar 10 man...

So with that in mind I've been working on hotbar setup to facilitate a better rotation (I did this with my Fury bars when I first started building a dps suit and the value of clean hotbar real estate with everything in just the right place was made readily apparent, as I saw a significant increase in dps).

I also picked up a "face roll" one button macro, which I appropriately named "lol."

Working with the raid level test dummy in IF, I was able to macro my way to ~2.08k dps (1 20 minute trial with nothing but the single button macro while independently keeping up Rend and Bladestorming as available). I then did the same thing after the afore mentioned hotbar manipulations and was able to maintain only slightly higher dps of ~2.2k while actually being smart about what abilities went off and when. Small justice inded...

The other "small justice" moment is that finally... FINALLY... after weekly Naxx 10 runs spanning several months... I got a Skull of Ruin. I've wanted one since my very first Naxx 10, which I did way way back on the same Saturday I hit 80.

In that run I picked up a Slayer of the Lifeless and shortly realized that there was a shield that actually matched the kicking graphic of my favorite new sword. Not minding the fact that this shield is actually a downgrade from what I'm using now I took it anyway (no one actually wanted, for either a main spec or an off spec tank suit) and it is now sitting companionably in my bank next to my sword (replaced recently with the baby rattle of doom)....

I imagine there will be days in the future in which I haul these two bad boys out of the bank, strap them to my back, and then parade around whilst admiring my own awesomeness.


  1. grats on your sor. also, baby rattle of doom is pro.

  2. I harbor a secret desire to work up a full suit of a single color of the Naxx/DK model armor and then have a figure print made with it and the sol/sor pair....