Friday, July 24, 2009

Green is the new pink

Mimiron is a jerk
...but he's also our bitch.
Running with the merged guys from Ascension now means Ara and I aren't in the same raid group (at least this week) but it's still cool. The Dead Panda Society raid group downed the rest of the keepers last night and then went and smacked a loot pinata to relax. Freya was a 2-shot and Thorim was a 1-shot with no deaths. Mimi went down after a bunch of 7% on each of his bits in p4 we only had 4 left (me, Aesir-pally tank, muffinheals and a ranged...not sure who that was) but we still got him down on that attempt.
Aesir is a super solid tank. That was the first time he'd even seen Freya and Mimiron but he picked up is a bit hard having a pally tank Mimiron ph1 and only having one other pally to help soak up the plasma blast but our healers healed through a blast completely un-aided so go them.

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  1. mimi's a bitch... the other group (mine) got phase 4 to 0%/0%/1% with pretty much the same make up you had left but the head went down too slowly and the middle section respawned

    all in all, though, both groups saw a lot of progress considering that a lot of members were new to the fights