Saturday, June 27, 2009

Uber, uber, uber ding!

(sung to the tune of
Super Sex by Morphine)

Trinol is 80.
This is my second level 80 toon. I am pretty excited. Lately I have not been so in to raiding because of a combination of other people being stupid and me not getting any gear. I know raiding isn't all about gear....but amg, I haven't gotten anything in forever.

So, I am pretty excited to run heroics with the change of upgrading and crafting some sweet gear (my poor warrior blacksmith who has been 73 for months, back in BC days she was 63 for months, is now my DK's blacksmithing slave).

I crafted a titansteel destroyer right away and I really want to get some of the titansteel gear for both my dps and tank set....of course I am broke after crafting my destroyer.

Bokudo, Aravall - got any titansteel cooldowns I can has?

1 comment:

  1. You can have my ti-steel cooldowns, no prob. I don't have any spare metals atm though...